Interests - Dog


In autumn 2009 Pascal told me that he’d like to have a dog. I visited the page of the local animal shelter
(Tierschutzhaus Vösendorf) and found a dog I thought would be good. A 10 year old greyhound-shepherd
mix (the dog should be the same age as my partner’s dog).
As I wanted to go there to see the dog I was told that the dog was already gone.


In spring we decided to have a look at the dogs now and there was the greyhound-shepherd mix.
On April 22nd my partner and I went there to have a look at the dog and we found a beautiful, slim, tall, not
castrated male. From April to May I visited the dog every second day and spent some time playing with him.
Sometimes my partner joined in, sometimes Pascal did and by the end of May Orion moved in.


As he had spent 8 of his 10 years in the animal shelter there was a lot he had to learn. But the dog is
intelligent and a quick learner so he turned out to be rather normal than aggressive.


If you want to know details about Orion’s have a look at his blog.