Family Schluet

(as far as I am concerned)


Well, I'm not good at staying married.

My first marriage lasted for 5 years (1987-1992).

My second one lasted for 16 years (1992-2008).

Out of the second marriage there are 2 children, Brian (*1993) and Pascal (*1996).


Brian stays with my ex-wife since the beginning of 2011 trying to train a little independency.

Pascal stays with us half the year.


Us, that means me and my wife Ine Gundersveen.

Yes I did it again, because „All good things go by three“.


Our wedding was exactly the way we wanted it. A party meanwhile we got
married. Family and friends from Austria, Norway, Denmark, the UK and South
were there and (hopefully) enjoyed a day in relaxed atmosphere.

We hope our marriage will be as harmonic and Ine and I can be happy together
for a long, long time.