Interests - Motorbike


It started when I was about 10 years old and it was not a real motorbike.

A PUCH MV50, also known as „Stangl-Puch“ orPostler-Harley“ owned by an older friend of mine was my
first object for training.
1980, the year i turned 15, after having sold fruit and vegetable in a supermarket for one month, I bought
my Moped. A PUCH MC 50 II built in 1971.
I tuned a lot until the little bike reached more than 100 km/h (60 mph) but every year all moving parts of
the engine had to be changed.
I rode it from 1981 till 1983, then I got my first car and the Moped had a break.
1990 I woke her up again and drove her for 6 years until she went for sleep in a basement room again. The
next time she saw daylight was in 2002, when I brought her to RBO, situated in Korneuburg, to have her
fully restored. 12 months later I returned her looking almost new and in 2004 I started riding her and still
ride her now and then.


In October 1995 I decided to get my motorcycle license and in January 1996 I got it.


But now a list of the bikes I owne(d) so far:
A week before I got my license I bought my first bike, a HONDA NT 647 HAWK GT built in 1991.
But she should not stay with me too long. After 2 accidents caused by others and a lot of chances to ride
other bikes it was replaced by a HONDA CBR 1000 F in September 1996. As the CBR is not the ideal bike
for riding in town I added a KAWASAKI KLX 250 in November 1997, which after a number of defects had
to give way for a HONDA SLR 650 in October 1998. The SLR was a good companion until I changed her for
a HONDA GT 647 HAWK GT at St. Nicolas day 2001. This was customized a little (18“ read rim, swimming
disk brake front, mini turn signals, carbon parts, Headlight mask, etc.) but it had engine problems and was
sold again together with the CBR in September 2002. An APRILIA RSV Mille moved to my garage.
Still one of my dream-bikes. Soon the Mille showed that in town was not her favorite area and she got
company in form of a HONDA CN 250 Fusion, a scooter in November 2002. And in December 2002 a
HONDA CBR 1000 F was mine again. After a test ride with my scooter in June 2003 my sister kept the
scooter and I bought a YAMAHA YP 250 Majesty and added a CD-Radio and speakers.
In December 2004 I sold the CBR and the scooter and bought a YAMAHA TDM 850, which carried me to
Romania. The same year Brian, my oldest son turned 12 and was allowed to ride with me.
This meant that the Mille had to leave and together with the TDM she was sold and I got a KTM 950
Adventure in December 2005 and a SUZUKI SV 650 S in August 2006. The SUZUKI soon was too slow and
was replaced by a PIAGGIO X9 500 in October 2007. In October 2008 the KTM was replaced by a
HONDA CBR 1100 XX und the X9 in October 2009 by a HONDA XRV 750 Africa Twin.


In my spare time I had the chance to work as a test rider for Biker in Österreich and this offered me
riding more than 100 bikes by now with an engine between 125 and 1.800ccm and a price between 2.000 and
39.000 Euro. The most impressive bike surely was the HONDA RUNE.


1999 I joined the TOY-RUN for the first time. It was impressive and starting with November 1999 I am
one of those who help organizing the charity ride. We are well known as the „Gelbjacken“ within the
Austrian biker scene.


I am in contact with the Austrian biker scene and like to visit MCs. Some of them are well known like the
Hells Angels or the Outsider some are smaller like the Heavybiker MC the CMG or the Kreuzgasse and the
Vienna Memorial is in my diary every year.