Family - Partner


It was one day in April 2007, and a petite teacher turned up at the Berlitz English course.
She accepted that one of the students talked a lot, especially in the breaks. She had recently ended her
career as a biker and bought an MG-BGT. I offered my bike’s seat and to take her with me as a pillion but
more than a ride around Ringstraße being part of the TOY-RUN start up demonstration was not possible.


A few e-mails that kept without reply was all for the next year


In April 2008 I contacted her again and invited her to another ride around Ringstraße. She agreed and we
agreed that she would talk English with me to improve my English and I’d take her with me on my bike trips
as my pillion now and then.


A short trip to Styria followed soon and she seemed to feel safe as she fell asleep during the ride.


She was a photographer as well so I asked her if she wanted to take some pictures of me on a test ride.
She agreed again and the small KAWASAKI NINJA 250 R carried both of us to the Kreutal where we
spent an entire morning riding and taking pictures. In the end she was allowed to ride the little KAWA and
thanked me with a hug. A hug that changed my life dramatically.


The following days we became aware of the sympathy we felt for each other and in October 2008 I got
divorced. Since this day I try to meet her as often as possible (we still live in separate flats), I
helped her getting her own KAWASAKI NINJA 250 R and to bring her MG from London to Vienna, I am
her private craftsman whenever something needs TLC. My English constantly improves and my sons
benefit from the frequent use of the English language at home.


We ride our bikes together, care for our dogs (and every now and then for a guest dog as well), enjoy
good self made food and the rare moments we have together.


The past months and years went by in a rush and I have to admit that I fell for my English teacher
and hope that I am allowed to spend the rest of my life at her side.